Moving Company - Moving Tips

Packing for a move
local long distance mover in corpus christi tx  While everyone has different things to pack, there are a few basic guidelines to follow that can make your packing easier.   These ideas will go a long way toward ensuring that you know how to pack for a move.

local long distance mover in corpus christi tx  If you can unplug cords from your appliances and computers, do so.  Coil them loosely and bind them, making sure to label which appliance they are for.  If you cannot unplug the cords, coil them loosely and bind them so that they do not come unwound during the move.

Packing boxes
local long distance mover in corpus christi tx  Packing boxes tightly is the key.  Loose space in packed boxes or cartons allows items to shift during transit, which may cause breakage or other damage.  Book covers can get bent or torn, dishes can get cracked or broken, and fragile items can be ruined by impact on the interior of a box.  If you cannot pack a box tightly with items to be shipped, fill up the extra space with padding like newsprint, shredded paper, or blankets.  Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and pack in styrofoam peanuts.   Pack heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.  Keep in mind that used boxes may not be sturdy enough to hold heavy items.

Labeling boxes
local long distance mover in corpus christi tx  Although you may think that you will remember what items have been packed in which box, you will have forgotten by the time you are in your new space.  Labeling clearly and concisely is a good idea.  For boxes with delicate contents, clearly mark "Fragile" or "This Side Up" to lessen the potential for damage. Another helpful tip is to label boxes by room.   For example, the first kitchen box packed should be be labeled box 1 of __. Once you have determined how many total boxes you have, then go back and fill in the blank. You many also what to tape a sheet of paper with a brief description of the contents to the box.  Finally, it also helps to know how many boxes you have total. This will ensure that all boxes have been accounted for.